Every new year comes with new engagements, new seasons, new fashion and décor trends… This year, we’re particularly excited to embrace 2020, there’s something seemingly special about the date. The rules are out. Color is the new neutral, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the new standard, dried flowers are the new specialty bloom. The biggest wedding trend for 2020 is individuality.

Over the last few years I have seen a change in how couples want to plan their weddings. They are more inclined to choose modern, contemporary celebrations creating an ambience or a mood, as opposed to being led by trends, colors and themes.

Wedding trends

The biggest wedding trend for 2020 is individuality.

It’s hard to deny Instagram’s enduring influence on wedding day decor. To keep things interesting, couples are becoming more creative and sophisticated with their requests. Clients want a more tailored look and approach to their wedding, something that feels fresh and ‘them’, as opposed to a more typical wedding look. It’s more about the atmosphere and vibe.

Though keeping the environment in mind is something that should never be considered a “trend,” more and more couples are making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their celebrations have on our planet. Couples with the environment top of mind are even opting for completely sustainable weddings, from the food to the flowers. Floral designers are taking some of the biggest strides, cutting down or completely eliminating the use of flower and using dried flowers. Gone are the days of basic color palettes like the standard white and green, all blush, or neutrals plus metallic weddings. Expect the new year to bring about pops of color, new palettes, print mixing, and statement hues that weddings haven’t seen before. Get in touch with your personal style and set the table, florals and design accordingly. And while 2020 weddings will see a wide range of shades and tones get highlighted and mixed, this trend is also about showcasing your favorite hue in a big way. If you love one particular color, lean in full force rather than peppering it in sparingly.

Ceremonies are also becoming more communal and inclusive, getting an infusion of spirituality with interactive gestures and blessings that bring the guests into the couple’s vow exchange. 2020 will expect more of this feel good energy in weddings of all creeds and faiths, be it in the ceremony, the decor, or the entertainment.

Wedding trend for 2020 is individuality

It’s more about the atmosphere and vibe.

Are you a lover of whiskey? A huge tequila fan? What about a champagne connoisseur? Treat your guests to your favorite spirit in droves, either at the reception or as a fun addition to the after-party. Make sure this specialty bar is one that shows off how much you know about your favorite wine or liquor, providing options to your guests, the proper glassware, and a series of garnishes as needed.

Slip dresses, simplicity, and understated styles are taking a backseat in the new decade, with fashion getting bigger, bolder and so it seems better. Volume, tiers, loads of tulle, intricate beading, and a more-is-more approach to dressing seem to be on the docket, but with that comes the need for an ample dose of restraint. Expect brides to change more frequently think a ceremony look, a reception dress, and an after party costume change. This trend is about fashion risk taking, but also knowing when it’s time to rein it in. This year promises brides who don’t play it safe, and choose bold shapes, color, prints, lengths, sleeves, and more that are sure to stun in all the right ways. When plotting out a night of multiple looks, consider the story you’re telling. Explore your fashion personality, but make sure there is a nice flow as you transform from look to look. Plot your changes (fashion, accessories, and beauty) in advance so that you spend as little time as possible in the dressing room and more time on the dance floor.

Wedding dress

Far and away weddings are always a good idea. From the Japan to celebrations in Thailand, the Seychelles, Montenegro, Majorca, and beyond, couples are viewing the world as their oyster when planning weddings for the next decade. It seems that there is no need to save the world’s once in a lifetime locations for your honeymoon. Instead, choose the spot on the globe that means the most to you as a couple or your family, or that you’ve always dreamed of traveling to tie the knot. If editing your guest list is required to make your dream destination happen, so be it smaller weddings are also trending for the new year.

When you planning a wedding far and away, choose your planning team very wisely. Ideally, your wedding planner should be well versed in planning destination affairs, and they’ll usually collaborate with a local agency on the ground for all deliveries, logistics, and details.